About :)



in French-based Creole

" kò an nou "


" our body " or " our bodies "

is a community-based project and an opportunity to :

  • Improve self-awareness

  • Share knowledge from one to another

  • Find support in our day-to-day lives 

  • Reconnect with the self-healing power of our bodies

  • Encourage healthier relationships with ourselves and others

  • Explore multi-sensorial activities for self/co-regulation

  • Increase resilience in our communities

Lucie Manzano, founder of KOANNOU, has a background in sustainable building design, in permaculture,  in videography and is diving into sociology and hands-on alternative therapies.

Originally from Guadeloupe, an island in the Caribbean, Lucie has a mixt cultural influence and exposition to different lifestyles. She left her island at 19yo, and studied and worked in France for 5 years after settling down in Australia in 2015.

Lucie discovered the benefits of massage therapy after several years of autoimmune challenges and a shoulder blade injury. Since then, she has been deepening her interest in the correlation between ADHD, relational and cultural trauma, and the power of devotion in offering a nurturing touch.

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