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I have tried to give as much diversity as I could to give guidance to different profiles of people within the community depending on the type of relationship they have with the applicant for ministerial intervention. Pick what resonates, and make your written recipe with what aligns with you. You might fit in several guide categories as well, be creative.

Is there any perfectionist in the room? :) - I'm asking because I would easily spend weeks writing the most helpful reference letter for someone. My advice: don't overthink darling! Sit with good intentions at heart and start with the first thing that comes to mind. The rest will flow and your writing will enrich.

You are not tested for a start! It is going to be helpful to show to the Minister the applicant is supported in his/her/them request. And if you need help or inspiration to write, contrary to the school system, I can help you out and we can brainstorm together what would be helpful if you can't find anything in the guide.

PICK ONLY                          WHAT RESONATES

CONNECT                          WITH YOUR HEART

BREATH                                    IT'S NOT AN EXAM



Here's a list of elements to include in a powerful reference letter for ministerial intervention from someone who doesn't know [Applicant's name] well but has experienced or witnessed [him/her/them] positive impact:

Writer's Introduction:

  • Full name, contact details.

  • Position or qualification, if relevant (to establish credibility).

  • Relationship to [Applicant full name] and the duration of this relationship.

  • A brief explanation of your limited but significant interaction with [him/her/them].

Context of Interaction:

  • Description of how and in what capacity they have come to know [him/her/them] or witness [him/her/them] impact.

  • Specific circumstances or events that led to your observation.

Your Positive Impact:

  • A detailed account of the positive influence [he/she/they] has had, either on you directly or observed on others.

  • Specific examples or anecdotes that illustrate this impact.

Character Traits and Qualities:

  • Observations about [Applicant's name] character traits and qualities as demonstrated through [him/her/them] actions.

  • Highlight traits like kindness, determination, resilience, or community spirit.

Community Contribution:

  • Examples of how [him/her/them] actions or presence have benefited others or the community.

  • Any notable contributions or participation in community activities or events.

Contrast with Potential Departure:

  • Insight into how [Applicant's name] potential departure might affect those [he/she/they] has impacted or the community.

  • Speculation on the loss or void that might be felt in [him/her/them] absence.

Support for Your Stay in Australia:

  • Statement of support for [him/her/them] stay in Australia, based on the positive impact witnessed.

  • Emphasis on the benefits of [him/her/them] continued presence in the community.

Appeal to Compassion and Fairness:

  • A respectful appeal to consider [him/her/them] situation from a humanitarian perspective.

  • Emphasis on the fairness of allowing someone who positively impacts others to remain.

Concluding Remarks:

  • A summarizing statement reiterating their support for [Applicant's name] ministerial intervention case.

  • Expression of hope for a positive outcome.

Writer's Signature and Date:

Formal sign-off with the writer’s signature (if physical letter) and date.

Remember, even if you don’t know [him/her/them] well, your observations and perspective can add significant weight to your application by demonstrating the broader impact of [his/her/their] presence in the community.

Here's an example of a reference letter from a shop owner who has observed [Applicant's name] as a customer over the years without knowing [him/her/them] personally:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to provide my observations and support for [Applicant's full name] in their application for ministerial intervention regarding their visa status in Australia. My name is [Shop Owner's Full Name], and I am the owner of [Shop Name] located in [Shop's Location]. Over the past [Number of Years] years, [Applicant's name] has been a regular customer at my shop.

Although my interactions with [Applicant's name] have been limited to the context of a customer-business owner relationship, I feel compelled to share my experiences which, I believe, speak to [his/her/their] character and conduct. Throughout the years, [he/she/they] has consistently displayed courtesy, respect, and friendliness towards me and my staff. Their demeanor has always been pleasant and they have shown a genuine appreciation for our services.

[Applicant's name]’s presence in our shop has been more than just that of a customer. They have always been considerate and understanding, traits that stand out in today’s fast-paced world. I have also observed [him/her/them] interacting with other customers, often displaying kindness and patience, contributing to a positive atmosphere in our shop.

While I do not have detailed knowledge of [Applicant's name]’s circumstances or the specifics of their visa situation, I can attest to the fact that they have been a valued member of our community here. [He/She/They] has consistently demonstrated qualities that we cherish in our society – respect, kindness, and a positive attitude.

I understand that ministerial intervention in visa matters is reserved for exceptional cases. While my interaction with [Applicant's name] might seem ordinary, it is the everyday decency and respect they have shown over the years that prompts me to write this letter. I believe that individuals like [him/her/them], who contribute positively to the community spirit, are valuable assets to any society.

In conclusion, I respectfully request that [Applicant's name]’s application for ministerial intervention be given thoughtful consideration. I believe that their continued presence in Australia would be beneficial, not only to them but also to the broader community.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this letter of support.


Remember, even if you don’t know [him/her/them] well, your observations and perspective can add significant weight to your application by demonstrating the broader impact of [his/her/their] presence in the community.



[Shop Owner's Full Name][Shop Name] [Shop Address] [City, State, Zip] [Email Address] [Phone Number] [Date]

[Shop Owner's Signature] [Shop Owner's Full Name] [Owner, Shop Name]




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