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I have tried to give as much diversity as I could to give guidance to different profiles of people within the community depending on the type of relationship they have with the applicant for ministerial intervention. Pick what resonates, and make your written recipe with what aligns with you. You might fit in several guide categories as well, be creative.

Is there any perfectionist in the room? :) - I'm asking because I would easily spend weeks writing the most helpful reference letter for someone. My advice: don't overthink darling! Sit with good intentions at heart and start with the first thing that comes to mind. The rest will flow and your writing will enrich.

You are not tested for a start! It is going to be helpful to show to the Minister the applicant is supported in his/her/them request. And if you need help or inspiration to write, contrary to the school system, I can help you out and we can brainstorm together what would be helpful if you can't find anything in the guide.

PICK ONLY                          WHAT RESONATES

CONNECT                          WITH YOUR HEART

BREATH                                    IT'S NOT AN EXAM



Generally when applying for ministerial intervention, demonstrating how [Applicant]’s presence in Australia positively impacts others can be a compelling factor. It's crucial to emphasize the positive impact [his/her/their] professional care has had on you or your family.

As a Koannou client, your testimonial about my skills as a Zenthai Shiatsu / devotional massage therapist, and the benefits you've experienced can significantly strengthen my case. Also, Australia expects to need 18000 massage therapists by 2025 so showing I am already effective on the ground in Koannou massage studio can be helpful for my application.

Feel free to change the work type and your experience depending on who the applicant for Ministerial Intervention is. Here's how you might frame this in your reference letter:

Writer's Introduction:

  • Full name, contact details.

  • Position or qualification, if relevant to establish credibility.

  • Relationship to the applicant and the duration of this relationship.

  • A brief explanation of their limited but significant interaction with [him/her/them].

Detail Lucie's Therapeutic Role:

  • Describe why you reach out to the applicant for support (health condition, emotional support, physical recovery, etc.)

  • Describe the specific care and therapeutic services [he/she/they] has provided you, including the techniques and approaches she uses.

  • Mention how long you have been receiving [his/her/their] services and any notable improvements or benefits you've experienced.

Impact of Lucie's Care on Your Well-being:

  • Explain how the applicant care has positively impacted your health, well-being, or recovery process.

  • If applicable, highlight any unique aspects of [his/her/their] care and technique, and how this has been particularly beneficial for your condition or wellness goals.

[Applicant]'s Professionalism and Skills:

  • Highlight [his/her/their] dedication, professionalism, and the unique skills she brings to her practice.

  • Discuss the trust and rapport you have developed with [him/her/them] and how this has enhanced the effectiveness of her care.

Consequences of Losing Access to Her Care:

  • Discuss the potential impact on your health and well-being if [Applicant name] were no longer able to provide her services in Australia.

  • If [his/her/their] care has been integral to managing a specific condition or maintaining your overall health, emphasize this point.

Include Personal Experiences or Anecdotes:

  • Share any personal stories or experiences that illustrate the positive impact [he/she/they] has had on your life.

Professional Development and Continuous Learning:

Discuss the applicant's commitment to professional growth, such as ongoing education, certifications, or attending workshops and conferences. This demonstrates their dedication to maintaining high standards in their profession.

Response to COVID-19 or Other Crises:

  • If relevant, describe how the applicant adapted their services during challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. This can showcase their resilience, innovation, and commitment to their clients under difficult circumstances.

  • Another local crisis example is : floods in the Northern Rivers

Language and Communication Skills:

  • If the applicant has strong language skills or has learned English as an additional language, highlighting this can show their effort to integrate and communicate effectively in Australia. 

  • Mention the impact on service quality, specifically in the context of their profession (like massage therapy), and demonstrate how their language and communication skills enhance the quality of service they provide. This can include building rapport with clients and understanding their needs better.

Appeal to Compassion and Community Well-being:

  • Stress the importance of having skilled, compassionate therapists like [him/her/them] in the community.

  • Emphasize that her continued presence in Australia is not just beneficial to you but adds value to the broader community.

Remember, the purpose of your letter is to provide a personal perspective on how [Applicant name] professional skills and care have made a significant difference in your life. This testimonial is vital in highlighting [his/her/their] value to the community and the loss that would be felt should she be required to leave Australia.

Clearly articulate not just how [his/her/their] departure would impact your life, but significantly, how it would adversely affect the lives of others who depend on [him/her/them] aligns with the humanitarian considerations often taken into account in ministerial intervention cases.



[Client's Full Name] [Client's Address] [City, State, Zip Code] [Client's Phone number][Client's Email]


[Client's Full Name][SIgnature]

Here's an example of a reference letter from a client who has observed [Applicant's name] as a massage therapist over the years without knowing [him/her/them] personally:

To the Ministerial Intervention Office,

Subject: Support for Ministerial Intervention for [Your Full Name]

I am writing to strongly advocate for ministerial intervention on behalf of [Applicant Full Name], a highly skilled and compassionate Zenthai Shiatsu and devotional massage therapist at Koannou. My name is [Client's Full Name], and I have been receiving therapeutic services from [Your Name] for [Duration of Service].

Initially drawn to Koannou by glowing recommendations and positive community word-of-mouth, I sought [Applicant Name]'s expertise for my [specific health condition/emotional support/physical recovery needs]. The results have been profoundly positive, leading to significant improvements in my [specific improvements in health/well-being].

[Applicant Name]'s unique blend of traditional and innovative therapeutic techniques, coupled with an empathetic and client-focused approach, has not only helped in alleviating my physical ailments but also greatly enhanced my overall mental and emotional wellness. This comprehensive care is a testament to [Applicant Name]'s professionalism and dedication to client well-being.

The possibility of losing access to [Applicant's Name]'s services is a concerning prospect for me and many others who rely on this specialized care. [His/Her/Their] departure would create a void in the community and adversely affect the well-being of numerous individuals who depend on these therapeutic services.

In light of [Applicant Name]'s exceptional skills, the positive impact on clients, and the growing need for skilled massage therapists in Australia, I firmly believe that [his/her/their] continued presence and practice in Australia are not only beneficial but necessary for the community.

Therefore, I respectfully request that [Applicant Name]'s case for ministerial intervention be considered favorably. Allowing [Applicant Name] to continue offering these invaluable services is in the best interest of the community's health and well-being.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Yours sincerely

Remember, even if you don’t know [him/her/them] well, your observations and perspective can add significant weight to your application by demonstrating the broader impact of [his/her/their] presence in the community.

This was an example letter written to support a massage therapist's application for Ministerial Intervention but you can use the same frame for a chef in a restaurant or a cleaner or a taxi driver. Adjust according to your experience with the applicant's professional circumstances. 




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